An hour of television supposedly aired last night, but we have no evidence of that actually happening. Do you have any recollection of the show? We don't.

The Lost Hour

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead aired during its normal time slot and the only evidence I have that I actually watched it was that there is no record of me doing anything else. I have a handful of moments of the show in my head, but those, too, will soon be lost to time like tears in the rain.

There were two plotlines running through this episode, and both had to do with the notion of “usefulness.” Denise and Eugene both wanted to prove their worth to the team, as each one was assumed to be ill equipped to handle life outside of Alexandria. And it turns out they weren’t, but more on that later. We also got a mini plotline involving Carol leaving the town because she doesn’t want to kill people anymore, a move that made me question whether or not they aired the correct episode last night. Carol’s aversion to violence is a sudden one, taking a full two episodes to manifest itself. They showrunners clearly have an end goal here and they most likely forgot about it until most of the season was already written. So that was a disappointment.

Denise, meanwhile, is feeling pretty darn disrespected, as the others keep going off on wacky adventures without her. She has medical prowess, I won’t deny that, so her tagging along for a medicine run makes sense for the most part. Her thought is that she can identify which medicines the town needs. Ignoring the logic that you should just take ALL the medicine and sort it out when you get back, Daryl and Sasha agree to bring Denise. There’s an overwhelming sense of pessimism to the trip, and its not until Denise gives a rousing speech about hope and determination that they realize that she’s been shot in the head with an arrow.

Meanwhile, Eugene is trying to prove his worth to Abraham. It’s a really boring and forgettable story, mainly because I’ve forgotten everything that happens in it and I believe it would be disingenuous of me to look it up. While the details are murky, I can say for certain that Eugene makes himself useful in a way that only he can…he bites the archer in the dick. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be outright slapstick or an attempt to lighten a supposedly heavy emotional blow with Denise, but it certainly proved that Negan’s men truly suck at apprehending Rick’s crew and that this show is not afraid of looking for rock bottom.

That’s really all I can tell you about this episode. I’m not sure whether I owe my readers an apology, or if the show was just that forgettable. It was technically competent and was by no means a mess, but wow did it fail to leave an impression. Better luck next week, show.

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