Suicide Squad is a special kind of bad...the kind of bad that will leave you with a goofy smile across your face the entire time.

Tell Me a Joke…

When the entire year, not just the summer, is jam-packed with blockbuster after blockbuster, a movie needs to really shake things up to stand out. And this film really stands out…for all the wrong reasons.

Suicide Squad the most recent DCppointment from Warner Bros. It stars the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Rotten Prince from Down Under, Margot Robbie (Row-bbie? Rah-bbie?), Jared Leto (Lay-to? Leh-to?), Cara Delevigne (De-la-veen? De-la-vin-ye?), Karen Fukuhara, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Viola Davis.

To say this is a “bad movie” is kind of strange. No, it’s not good at all and, yeah, there are some really big issues with this film. But it’s also pretty entertaining and actually borders on being “so-bad-it’s-good.” From technical failings to just gaping holes in the paper-thin story, this is a genuinely entertaining film.

I say the story is paper-thin because, well, the plot of the movie is for the squad to get out of their helicopter and walk through the city. It’s kind of shocking how few things happen in the film beyond this. It’s an incredibly unbalanced story that starts with a rock-solid and introduction to our main characters. It’s in this introduction that the film really nails the tone and spirit that should carry us through the rest of the film. Vibrant neon colors and hilarious introductions set up the team wonderfully. Then, rather than sending the squad off on their first mission, the movie begins to meander, reintroducing us to the same characters over and over again. We get three separate instances of Deadshot’s sharpshooting abilities in the first half hour…time that could be better spent developing stronger characters or a strong story.

The film wastes more time setting up the most sub-par villain since Fant4stic’s Dr. Doom, and the film then wastes even more time by…doing nothing. A few more characters get lazy introductions at the last minute, namely Slipknot and Katana, and the team finally heads off on their mission (nearly 45 minutes into the film, give or take). I can’t even say the story or the pacing is slow because given how little happens elsewhere in the film, it’s kind of par for the course.

The fun spirit is drained at this point, and the rest of the film is a drab walk through an oddly deserted until the utterly hilarious final face-off. The movie eventually ends, I guess, and you’re left wondering what exactly it was that you just watched. It’s really, really bizarre.

The writing is incredibly flat and so many of the characters are neglected for much of the film. Captain Boomerang, for example, is literally pointless the entire time and I didn’t even notice if Killer Croc was even in certain scenes. The lack of comradery among the “ensemble cast” was really jarring. Jared Leto’s Joker, too, was perhaps the biggest flatline, as his character didn’t embody any characteristics of the Joker, save for a  killer laugh, and seemed like a crime-lord rehash of Heath Ledger’s portrayal. Will Smith basically plays Will Smith in the film, Margot Robbie (save for a wavering “Mistah J!” accent) is a great Harley Quinn, and Viola Davis chews it up as well, but no other characters really get a chance to shine.

From technical failings, like subtitles being clipped from the bottom of the screen, to an incredibly muddy story, Suicide Squad fails in doing really anything right. But, in a shocking turn of events, it’s kind of great. It’s genuinely entertaining and it’s genuinely funny, even if it doesn’t want to be. I would actually recommend seeing this movie for no other reason that trying to figure out what the heck happened with this film. Rumors of studio interference are, of course, cropping up, so I have no idea that the wavering tone has something to do with that.

At the end of the day, Suicide Squad is a failure like none other. Where Batman v. Superman left me bored to tears, Suicide Squad left me fascinated and, above all, entertained. Sure, it’s no Samurai Cop, but I won’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy this film, even if it isn’t the type of enjoyment the filmmakers wanted me to get.

So, let’s get into spoiler talk.

This movie is not good at all, but man was it funny. Can I just list off a couple of stray observations?

  • Enchantress is the worst villain since Dr. Doom. Her motivation is to get her heart back, so she can stop being manipulated. That’s fine. I’m okay with that. But she gets her heart back and then for the rest of the movie just…stays in that room. Why? You can teleport! You don’t have to stay there and just wait for the squad to come and stop you.
  • Also, Enchantress does this weird little dance when she has her heart. What’s that all about?
  • Also, there is a multi-character fight between her and the entire squad that lasts for a few minutes. Then, she yells “ENOUGH!” and disarms them. Why didn’t she lead with that?
  • Did Enchantress’s brother have a name? Or was he just “Big Goofy CGI Robot Brother Guy?”
  • Eventually Enchantress starts blowing all sorts of things up. We cut to a shot in space of a satellite blowing up, then we cut to the inside of the Pentagon and the Chiefs of Staff or whoever are watching the feed of the explosion. A guy says on his cell phone: “They’ve taken out our communications satellite.” Really? Have they? Then how are you watching a live feed of the satellite getting blown up in third person? What is recording and transmitting the video? And how are you talking on a cell phone?
  • Why did all of Joker’s lines suck? When his helicopter gets shot down, he says “This bird is baked!” That’s not a phrase. No one says that. “Your goose is cooked.” That’s a phrase, not “bird is baked.”
  • What was Joker actually doing in the movie. Flashbacks, fine, but he shows up in a helicopter and then the helicopter blows up and that’s it. What did that do to serve the story? It’s almost like he was in there just for marketing purposes.
  • Why did Katana seem angry when she found out where the team was headed? Didn’t she know? I mean, she’s a good guy, she was with Rick Flagg. Did he not even tell his allies the purpose of the mission?
  • Captain Boomerang literally does nothing the entire film. He hides and drinks for the first fight and does nothing the second fight. Yeah, that’s right there are only two fights in the film.
  • Why did Bruce Wayne need files on Flash and Aquaman from Viola Davis? Didn’t he already get that information from Lex Luthor’s computer in the last movie?

This film is so bad. It’s so bad but I love it. This is a major motion picture and it’s so bad. It’s really really baffling and I kinda want to see it again because it’s a type of cinematic magic you can’t manufacture. You can’t manufacture this type of bad. There are a lot more nitpicks I have but…my brain hurts from the lack of logic with these ones. This movie sucks but if you like picking apart bad movies, you’ll have a blast. That’s all I can really say at this point. It’s fun…but its so bad.

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