About Nerdy, Inc.

What is Nerdy, Inc.?

Well that’s a loaded question. The short answer is: it’s a New York-based production company that makes all kinds of web series and reviews. The long answer is much lengthier and filled with a bunch of minutiae you probably don’t care about. If you do care, tweet at us and we’ll fill you in.

At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of nerds trying to make some entertaining stuff.

Who is Nerdy, Inc.?

Alex Russo

Alex is our lord & savior, the mastermind of Nerdy, Inc., coolest guy you’ll ever meet, and the only one with the administrative powers to edit this page. He started Nerdy, Inc. as place for him to upload his random gaming videos (dating all the way back to his terrible Super Mario 64 Let’s Play). He’s basically in charge of the website and makes a lot of the videos you see on the site. He’s a sci-fi junkie who can talk Metroid and Star Trek more than you would ever want to hear. His Twitter is @AlexRusso64.

Pat Grimes

Pat is the muscle of Nerdy, Inc. Fight him. You can catch him on our weekly streams on Twitch and occasionally in Goons Play Games. He also does a lot of behind the scenes work here at Nerdy, Inc., including performing and recording the intro to our Star Trek podcast Our Favorite Frontier. He’s a big Batman fanboy and knows all about the history of DOOM. His Twitter is @Grimes5117.

Steve Dixon

Steve is the quiet and mysterious one. If you subscribed because of that Dark Souls video, you have him to thank for it. We never know what he’s working on, but we assume it’s probably an episode of his series Backtrack or maybe a random video essay. Steve really knows his stuff, so if you’re into no-B.S. videos then you should check out his work. Oh, and he’s a Lord of the Rings aficionado and loves Alien in a big way. His Twitter is @Driver194.

Nick Calidonna

Nick is a wild card. He co-hosts Our Favorite Frontier with Alex every week and also shows up in Goons Play Games on occasion. He joined Nerdy, Inc. because we needed a fourth player for our world famous Mario Party 2 Let’s Play and his presence did not disappoint. Nick can quote Rick and Morty like it’s nobody’s business and is destined to marry Lady Gaga. His Twitter is @NickCalidonna.

Zach Calidonna

Zach is human garbage. He shows up for Goons Play Games now and again to drink our beer, but he doesn’t contribute much. He messed up a Star Trek quote once. Don’t follow him on Twitter.

Where is Nerdy, Inc.?

You’re on our website, so that’s a good start. But we’re active all over the web. You can find, follow, subscribe, and like us all over the place!

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Want to reach us?

We make getting in touch with us super easy. Shoot us an email for any questions, comments, suggests, or requests! We can be reached at: NerdyIncorporated@gmail.com

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