Activision Blizzard want a Call of Duty "cinematic universe," for real.

Jonathan Banks, Eric Rogers Attached

Activision Blizzard have announced they are launching a new studio to create film and potentially TV shows based off of their IPs, including DiabloCall of Duty, and Starcraft. The first order of the day is a Skylanders animated television series, which has Futurama writer Eric Rogers and Better Call Saul alum Jonathan Banks attached to it.

Next up on their plate could be “the development of a robust cinematic universe based on the Call of Duty franchise.” That’s right, not only will we have to handle a brand new Call of Duty in video game form every year, but now we have to keep our eyes peeled for films in its “cinematic universe.” It’s unclear if that means we’ll be seeing one film a year, or multiple spin-offs that will give origin stories for each gruff soldier before featuring them in a hotly anticipated ensemble blockbuster. Describing it as “robust” leaves much to the imagination.

There’s no word yet how Activision Blizzard plan to distribute these films and shows, but it is likely they will partner with established networks. Although we shouldn’t be surprised if we see their own steaming and subscription service pop up.

The animated series seems like the way to go. Skylanders is hugely popular with kids and the show will likely be a hit, especially if they’re attracting the talent that they are. However I fail to see what a film version of Call of Duty will bring to the cinema that Act of Valor and Lone Survivor hasn’t. Unless there are zombies.

No word on if we’ll see a Pitfall cinematic universe starring Bruce Campbell, but a boy can dream.

Steve just realized that’s basically Indiana Jones but he’s dreaming anyway. Follow him on Twitter. 

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