There was some wonky science and familiar beats, but nothing that stopped us from enjoying the third episode of Agent Carter.

Physics is Gonna Go Ballistic

In what is technically the third episode of the season, Agent Carter doubled down on story and mechanics, tightening up the episode considerably. Great character development and strong emotions came through too, as is typically the case with good, solid writing.

Whether or not the first two episodes had a lot of moving pieces just to set the stage, I really can’t say. The end result, however, was that this episode worked much, much better. Last episode wasn’t bad, mind you, but this was considerably more engrossing than its predecessor. Unless, of course, you value science in your comic book television, in which case I’m so, so sorry.

I don’t think anyone was worried that Jason had died at the end of the last episode. Luckily, they didn’t keep us on the hook for four weeks like a certain other show. No, we got our answer in the form of some wonky as hell science. Apparently getting absorbed by zero matter turns you invisible and voiceless and without mass, until you can be developed like film? And once your vocal chords are visible, they can produce sound? Even though you don’t have mass so you can’t actually have the air…oh, forget it. Yeah, it was goofy, but clearly this zero matter is something we’ve never seen before. I’m inclined to say it’s magic, but not inclined enough to say it’s STRANGE magic (for fear of forming an association with George Lucas’s most recent crap movie over the good Doctor).

This episode hit a lot of familiar beats by way of Peggy’s actual adventures. Peggy snuck around, found some small pieces of evidence, gets caught, and then uses a combination of femininity and wits to use the underlying sexism of her opponent against them. It was fun, funny, and one of the things that has become a staple of the show in such a short time.

We learned that a bunch of shifty old guys are rigging the election by forcing out Chadwick. Who these shifty old guys are working for, we can’t say yet, but it might have something to do with that pin that’s going around…a pin that bears a striking resemblance to the logo used by Austronaunt Whatshisname in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Possible Hydra connection?

Speaking of Chadwick, I really enjoy the clear gray area that Whitney Frost is occupying. She started Isodyne and clearly wants the Zero Matter for something, but she’s been made to be too sympathetic to be a pure villain so far. My guess is she founded Isodyne with good intentions, but was outed due to the Isodyne’s desire to do nefarious things with the zero matter. Why her next move would be to become an actress, I can’t rightly say, but I’d wager quite a bit that her and Peggy join forces by the end of things.

No trace of Dottie. Maybe her story did end last episode. That’s a bummer. Little word from Bad Guy From Robocop. He pretty much parroted himself from last episode, so we don’t have much from him. Chad Michael Murray cemented himself as “opportunitist jerk” a bit more, but given his recognition of the newspaper near the end of the episode, I’m guessing he’ll continue to play a similar “antagonistic hero” for much of the season.

All in all, it was a strong outing from Peggy and friends, so I expect the season will continue at this level now that things are a bit more focused.

Odds and Ends

  • Nothing from Lady Jarvis this time around. And that’s fine. Keep things tight.
  • To trick the guard, Peggy said she “gets confused around books.” Priceless.
  • So when the director got sucked up by Frost, does that mean he needs to be developed too?
  • “A movie based on a comic book? Sounds like a dreadful idea!”

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