Plans and Impulses.

I have no snarky intro. Let’s just dive into it.

The A-plot of the episode started off on a high note. Mysterious viruses, inside men, and a plot to wipe out the Inhumans one-by-one. There was a good degree of detective work, coupled with the moral dilemma of trusting the ATCU, and it all culminated with an intense fight scene and pseudo-reveal.

I’m not sure quite what I think about Lash other than that I find the idea that he can transform from werwolf-thing to human at will super uninteresting. He’s a superpowered being that has mastery over his power…cool beans. I know its supposed to build suspense and feed our suspicions that any person could secretly be Lash, but that just not that crazy to me. His feelings towards Inhumans is far more interesting…it’s a hodgepodge of mercy, (self)loathing, and superiority, and in a show where superpowers are consistently cool and useful, I’d like to see more of the opposite.

Also, I think Lash is this guy. He’s getting an abnormal amount of screentime so it’s probably him. The A-plot then quickly dissolved into non-story-progressing dialogue, just recapping over and over, and B-plot came to the forefront quite nicely. Lance has a serious grudge against Ward, so watching his impulsive and reckless nature drive the plot is nice. But what’s great about his story is the tunnel-vision of it all. Lance doesn’t care who gets hurt, and the final decision to move forward with the attack, even though Andrew’s life is in danger was fantastic.

The plot point, side note, I loved more than anything else in the show. He look straight at May and said “Sorry about your hubby, but it’s more important that I kill this guy than save that guy.” It set up some nice drama and the show didn’t find a cheesy way to say “everyone wins.”

Or did it? We didn’t actually see Andrew’s dead body on the floor; just some shoes and some blood. We saw Strucker Von Junior running away in fear, and we assume he was running from the impending explosion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some after-the-fact twist that Andrew was secretly an Inhuman and showed them what’s what. I hope it won’t happen, but I’m not ruling it out.

My one gripe with this plotline was that it happened too quickly. That’s all it takes to meet the head of Hydra? Win in a fight club and be snarky with the right people? I would have liked to see, in a show that is predicating itself on espionage, include more espionage. This would have given us a bit more to work with on this plot, especially because nothing happened with the C-Plot the whole episode.

Seriously. Mockingbird and Fitz just talked to each other the whole episode and their conversations amounted to “Boy, Simmons is acting strange for a girl who got saved from another planet through a portal. She didn’t say anything new to me. How about you?” “Nah, nothing.” Not to mention the show ended on, essentially, the same cliffhanger has last time, just phrased slightly differently. It was a pretty frustrating move, as it didn’t help develop, well, anything on the show.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad episode. The plot just seemed to rush some things, drag out others, and focus on the least interesting elements. That’s pretty typical of a middle-of-the-season episode, so I can’t say I’m surprised. However the show needs to demonstrate it can do more, otherwise Hydra and the Inhumans will over stay their welcome…

Odds and Ends

  • I am amending my statement that Lash is a twilight beast for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Now he is just…Link…from the same game.
  • Mockingbird is being sorely underused this season. I get that she was shot and tortured, but she was one of my favorite elements from the last season and I’d love to see more of her.
  • Little Von Baron is a twerp. He reminds of Blizzard, that ice twerp from before.
  • This episode was interrupted on several occasions by local news alerts. While I did fill in the gaps after the fact, let me know if anything I said doesn’t fit or if I’m missing something.

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