Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. gave us two characters to fill the Bobbi/Lance void, and while it wasn't perfect, it was a step in the right direction.

The New Guys

Despite being around for some time now, it’s clear that Mack and Lincoln are the new characters the show wants us to get to know in the wake of Bobbi and Lance taking off. Focusing heavily on the two is the shows attempt to fill the void, as well as taking on some bigger issues.

Mack is a likable character, I’ll say that. While he was never a strong draw for me, at least the guy had a role on the team, a core set of values, and a distinct voice (even if was a safe one). Lincoln, on the other hand, was not a character. He was a male to position opposite of Daisy, and he had lightning powers instead of a personality. His morals were wishy-washy and would often change to fit the needs of the show.

This episode was a strong opening move when in comes to make us care about these characters. Coulson clearly sees potential in the kid, even though the two are odds throughout most of the episode. Coulson is very clearly testing Lincoln, something that I hope all of you saw before the Man in Black hologrammed out of there. It was a Mr. Miyagi trust exercise, although a far more PTSD-inducing one, admittedly. While it doesn’t make me like Lincoln, at least I care enough to see what part of the team Coulson is carving out for him.

Mack, on the other hand, stayed with his estranged brother throughout most of the episode. The two discussed where they were in life and how their different worldviews are a result of their differing childhoods. In the wake of the Watchdogs making their presence known, this was a strong outing for Mack.

Daisy and Fitz, meanwhile, are actually dealing with the Watchdog threat head on. There is some low-level detective work her that I can’t say is particularly exciting, but it was a nice little reminder about Daisy. Much like Lincoln, she was an obnoxious character way back in season one. We were constantly told how special and important she is, but we weren’t given a reason to really care. The show heeded our advice and doubled down on the character development, and Daisy has since become a very strong character. So maybe Lincoln is not a lost cause.

The Watchdogs, at the end of the day, could be a parallel for many real-life organizations (possibly Anonymous?), but it’s clear that the group is filling two roles for the show: (1) it’s something besides Hydra! Hooray! (2) it’s setting up a Civil War tie-in, because it’s all connected, remember?

Odds and Ends

  • Much like his role in Lost, I don’t know the Man in Blacks name. Unlike in Lost, he actually has one this time.
  • Simmons’ guilt is something worth exploring, but it felt really out of place in this episode.
  • Mack made a machete-gun. Robert Rodriguez would be so proud.
  • Daisy is getting a bit too comfortable in her role and this may complicate things for the team down the line.

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