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Let’s not beat around the bush, comics are getting expensive. With so many new issues, epic sagas, and never-ending disasters, my wallet can only take so much. Cover Price is a weekly comic review with the set budget of $15. I mostly pick my choices based on cover, price, and hype. Which company suckered me into buying their issues this week? Were the issues I picked up worth the $15 cut? Were the issues you picked up worth your money?

8/12/15 C.C.P. Reviews:

Batman #43 – $3.99

Action Comics #43 – $3.99

Secret Wars #5 – $3.99

Batman #43

Writer: Scott Snyder | Artist: Greg Capullo


If you’re looking for an entertaining comic to read, always bet of Snyder and Capullo’s Batman. Every new Batman has a “rite of passage” that fully allows the audience and character to embrace their new role as the Dark Knight. Dick Grayson’s rite of passage was defeating his most memorable villain, James Gordon Jr. Terry McGinnis’s rite of passage was defeating the Joker and saving Tim Drake. Could Bat-Gordon’s be facing his new villain Mr. Bloom? Batman #43 introduces a new villain to the Batman-verse and answers the question of what happened to Bruce after Batman #40. In order to avoid spoilers, I will say that Snyder is crafting a pretty interesting take on “death”. I can definitely see how, in the future, these events will only strengthen Batman and his pursuit to finish his never-ending mission. But for now, the introduction of Mr. Bloom is creepy and intimidating. Greg Capullo drew Mr. Bloom like a drug-dealing Slender-man (can you think of anything creepier?). It’s still too early to see if this villain is a worthy addition to Batman’s Rogue Gallery, but I’m glad Bat-Gordon will fight new villains instead of old ones. Another interesting side-note is that Bat-Gordon is spending very little time in his mech-suit and more time running around in his normal suit. If anything, this arc is proving how ineffective the mech-suit is and why superheroes can’t work for the government. All in all, if there’s one superhero comic you can always count on, it’s Batman. Batman #43 is a buy and my pick of the week.

Action Comics #43

Writer: Greg Pak | Artist: Aaron Kuder


I think what appealed to me the most about previous Action Comics was how grounded the story was. Superman wasn’t fighting Darkseid or Doomsday, Superman (in his weakened state) was fighting the government and public opinion. Superman would have to deal with problems the way a 100% human Clark Kent would. Clark couldn’t command the respect he once could as Superman, so when things went south, he got frustrated and punched Officer Binghamton in the face! Instead of providing further commentary on the current real-world tension between police and the public, Action Comics #43 ignores this plot-line by coincidentally making Officer Binghamton an evil alien. Superman just so happened to punch an evil disguised alien, so punching a cop is totally okay. The police didn’t really want to fight the peaceful protesters because they were just following the orders of an evil alien. Talk about feeling cheated! Too bad real life isn’t as convenient. Reading Action Comics #43 made the story lose a lot of potential. Besides that nagging gripe, what I really enjoyed about this issue was the aftermath of the protest. Protesters were helping each other and taking care of each other. Everyone was embracing the spirit of “Superman”. There were people without superpowers doing everything they can to take care of each other. That’s a parallel to the real world that I hope continues in this story arch. After a stellar beginning, Action Comics #43 has fallen to become just an average issue. I would recommend flipping through the issue first before deciding to purchase.

Secret Wars #5

Writer: Greg Pak | Artist: Aaron Kuder


Secret Wars continues to be Marvel’s most interesting major event in recent memory. Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic continue to knock this series out of the park…especially Esad Ribic’s beautiful watercolor/painted style of art. Each page is beautiful and adds to the plot. The level of detail and work really emphasize how grand and important the main Secret Wars story is. Secret Wars #5 is all about the protagonist of this story, DOOM! After the intense events of the previous issue, this issue is how Doom is dealing with all these unanticipated elements. Doom is seeing his world crumble before him and, with the death of Dr. Strange, he needs a plan to save what’s left. Secret Wars #5 is mainly about what happened after the end of New Avengers #33. How did Doom become God? Secret Wars is reading like a TV show, specifically Game of Thrones. In Game of Thrones, there are multiple main characters that are spread out throughout their world. Each episode spends the majority of the time focusing on a few of the main characters and then briefly shows what the others are doing. That’s exactly how Secret Wars #5 reads. The main story is about Doom recapping what has happened, but there are multiple set-ups as to what the other characters are up to. Think of issue #5 as the mid-season episode of your favorite TV show, moving toward an explosive finale. All the major characters are spread out in Battleworld and gearing up for the second arc of this event. I’m excited and, hopefully, you’re excited too! Secret Wars continues to be a buy.

Panel of the Week:


“Do good to others and every man can be a Superman.”

There are many more books released by DC and Marvel this week. I wish I could read them all but my wallet can only take so much. What did you read this week? Which issues would you put on your $15 budget this week? Remember to read and buy what you want and support your favorite writers and artists!

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