Everyone knows that Call of Duty, Doritos, and Mountain Dew/Keystone Light go together. It’s common knowledge, really. The combination of salt, sugar, and watered-down beer jives really well the mayhem that is the late-night, online gaming session. If only everything had a clear-cut pairing like this!

We got to talking about some of our favorite pairings and we decided, well, why not do a Nerd Talk on the subject? So that’s just what we did. For the next twenty minutes, we guide you through our favorite combinations of games, drinks, and snacks.

We know that not everyone can legally drink alcohol, and even if they do, there are people who prefer to stick to soft drinks. For the purpose of inclusiveness, we even throw in some great sodas into the mix as well.

There are some fancy gourmands out there who love pairing wine and food, but now it’s our turn. So open your favorite drink, grab a tasty snack, and power up your game of choice…it’s time for some pairings!

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