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We are now 66.66666666% of the way through the first season of FtWD and we have no shortage of topics to discuss. This episode was a slower episode, which was a nice change of pace considering how every other episode has moved at such a breakneck speed.

Yes, it is still too early to say that this show is failure. While it hasn’t lived up to its superior comrade, it still does have the potential to be a good show. Unless every episode is like this one. Then it will be a failure. Here’s why:

This show doesn’t understand character development or pacing. One of the reasons the TWD is a far superior show is that the story is based on long-form, serialized piece of literature that was conceived of over a long period of time and is delivered to its audience bit by bit. This show, while still produced by Kirkman, is a quickly churned out cash grab meant to capitalize on a familiar brand. And the distinction is clear to us when watching.

The show’s moments of character development are meant to replicate some of those found in Breaking Bad…somber, speechless moments that show characters reflecting on an idea based on the environment. This show can’t quite nail those moments as well as BrBa does and the character development suffers for it. Yes, our characters are left waxing philosophical, but we don’t quite know why. You could make the argument that it’s up to the viewers to decide, but I don’t know that the writers were completely sold on their own scenes.

Also, the characters are super unlikable. I really can’t stress that enough.

There was some semblance of a plot to this episode, which came in the form of tension between the military and everyone living in the sealed-off development. The military folks were getting quite a bit of unwarranted blowback from the citizens (“When will our phones work again?!?”) and I’m not really sold on the military being our bad guys. Yes, you have rations and a curfew, but do you understand that you also have thousands of zombies surrounding you too? That’s a bit of protection that could easily be worth the sacrificed freedoms. Hearing Chris complain about the military is frustrating because it shows that he is either extremely stupid (Yes.) or has advanced knowledge of the military’s nefarious plans. Oh, speaking of that…

The military has nefarious plans and that makes me real mad. What starts off as a curfew and a few mysterious misgivings is quickly escalating into a Third-Reich-meets-Fallout-3 situation and I really can’t undersell how lazy that is from a writing standpoint. You’d think that AMC has some anti-establishment complex that would make the hippies of yesteryear take a step back. Have you noticed that literally every settlement formed in both shows has a sinister underbelly? Woodbury, Alexandria, Terminus, that one hospital…the show seems to love driving home the notion that every civilization that humanity can establish will be corrupted to the point of deserving elimination. That is not true at all. Wanna know how I know? Because I live in a civilization. Simple as that. The mere fact that humans created a society from nothing should be enough to show that humans can create a society from nothing…but TWD and FtWD seem to love to making every civilization worthy of a witch hunt.

So now when I see this show include nonsensically corrupt establishments that counter the logical progression of events, it really takes me out of the show. I can see exactly where the storyline is heading and it diminishes the integrity of the story. It doesn’t destroy it, but it is certainly weakened to the point where we, as viewers, question why exactly we are watching the show and if it is ultimately a story worth telling. And that is perhaps the biggest flaw with this episode and the show.

Odds and Ends

  • Why did you need to hide? Why couldn’t you have just laid on the side of the road and pretended to be one of the dozens of corpses around you?
  • Nick really needs to kick this drug habit; not for the good of the group, but for the good of the show.
  • The final shot of the shooters taking out light-shining guy was visually impressive, but didn’t do much for the story since it surprised me 0%.
  • This episode was more enjoyable to watch then episodes past, since I just got a new kitten and she is very cute.

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