Well, this lessons the blow of Hannibal‘s cancellation a little bit.

The first two teasers for FX’s critically acclaimed Fargo TV series have been released, showing us a bit of Kirsten Dunst and Ted Danson. Season two will expand on the Sioux Falls incident from 1979 that was hinted at by Lou Solverson during the first season.

If you missed out on season one of Fargo, you should do yourself a favor and check it out. I was initially off put by the movie “spin off” aspect of it all, but both Fargo and Hannibal have quickly become my favorite shows on the air right now. In fact, the similarities between these two shows run deeper than their sources. Both are critically acclaimed, but reach a much smaller audience, and both have not just excellent writing, but a keen eye for visual storytelling.

This is why the burn of Hannibal being cancelled by NBC and not picked up by Netflix and Amazon hurts so much. It’s refreshing to see such care placed into the way a TV show is filmed, from the set design, the cinematography, and everything in between. It feels like every frame is packed with meaning, reinforcing thematic elements and telling us something about the characters without a single line of dialogue. These shows take full advantage of the medium, which is a sad realization when you look at the overwhelming majority of programs on the small screen right now.

In fact, we get some of that great visual storytelling in these teasers for Fargo. They’re great because they tell us a story in the brief seconds that make up the promo. The minds behind both Hannibal and Fargo understand this, and it’s frustrating to see one of them get dropped for lack of a wider audience. It’s shows like these that elevate the medium, and I sincerely hope Fargo reaches a much wider audience and gets the credit it deserves from the general public.

You betcha we’re gonna review Season 2 of Fargo when it returns in September, so stick around Nerdy, Inc., there, fellas.


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