Previous Playstation exclusive Helldivers will be making its way to PC by way of Steam in December.

As my fanboy gently weeps

The action packed, top down, twin-stick shoot-em up Helldivers will be making its way to PC via Steam, according to a recent announcement by Arrowhead Game Studios. The game will be spreading democracy to a PC near you this December. Check out the announcement trailer below:

The game was originally released back in March with a focus on 1-4 player online or offline multiplayer and received a positive response from critics. Previously a Playstation exclusive, Helldivers was a continuation of Sony’s commitment to bringing smaller indie titles to its platform. This¬†makes you wonder why the PC announcement trailer still has the Playstation bumpers.

Please don’t touch the chainsaws we scattered around the comments section. Those are there for mutually assured fanboy self destruction.

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