“Deadpool” Announces Rating in the most Deadpool-y Way Possible

Die-hard fans of the comics, including lead actor Ryan Reynolds, have been clamoring for the upcoming “Deadpool” movie to have a hard R-Rating. 20th Century Fox, on the other hand, was gunning for a PG-13 rating, as not to alienate a sizable chunk of their audience.

Some pretty wild speculation and accusations have been thrown around since the film was officially announced, but it appears that the studio has finally reached its decision.

Rather than announce through a tweet or press release or any traditional means of communication, the studio released this video on Wednesday

Wednesday, however, was also April Fool’s day, so we can’t be certain of anything yet until we hear from the overlords at the MPAA.

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” to add 17 Minutes of Rogue

Waaaaaaaay back in 2000 when “X-Men” came out (arguably kick-starting the superhero film trend), fans saw Anna Paquin bring Rogue to life on screen. She subsequently reprised her role in the following two sequels, “X2” and “X-Men: The Last Stand.”

When the first trailer was released for “Days of Future Past,” fans were excited to see that the power-absorbing mutant would return in the film. Once the film hit theaters, however, we saw that her appearance in the film could hardly be considered a reprisal. Heck, it was barely a cameo.

An extended cut of the film, nicknamed the “Rogue Cut,” was announced in previous months that would include a scene focusing on the character that was left on the cutting room floor. This week, Bryan Singer took to Twitter to confirm that this cut would include 17-minutes of never-before-seen footage.

While excited by this news, we have to admit, it is annoying that we will now have two Blu-Rays of the same movie.

The Return of Mewtwo! Oh, and Lucas.

Everyone’s favorite psychic cat-thing Pokemon returns to one of the few franchises Nintendo has that people are actually excited about.

While we have yet to get a WiiU, and by extension this game, we must admit that having one of the best characters from SSBM return is certainly tantalizing. Mewtwo was a great character and his return in welcomed over that of Lucario, whose powers are almost identical and whose demeanor is way less awesome.

Lucas is also slated to make his return via the same DLC release in April, affording fans the opportunity to hit people with a stick and haphazardly attempt to freeze opponents, rather than beating them with a baseball bat, blow them up in a flash, or have high self-esteem.

We like Ness more than Lucas.

You Have to Wait Longer for your Favorite Games (Again)

We knew we had to wait for “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End,” as the game was pushed to Spring 2016. What we didn’t know was that we would have to wait just as long for “The Legend of Zelda” title for WiiU. Initially, we it was believed that the title would be released at the end of 2015, but new reports are surfacing that the game may not be as released until 2017. Which is unfortunate, but also kind of okay because, as we mentioned before, we still don’t have a WiiU.

Following that same vein, it appears that “Quantum Break” will also be pushed back for a release some time in 2016. The games developers went on record stating:

We’re really proud to be part of the incredible Xbox One line-up. We thank our fans for their patience, and want them to know that the team is taking advantage of this opportunity to polish and fine tune the game to create the kind of standout entertainment experience they’ve come to expect from us.

The game hasn’t received a whole lot of coverage to begin with, so this doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but we must admit, we are disappointed. At least we still have “Star Wars: Battlefront” to look forward to.

More “Song of Ice and Fire” News

There was this one time when fans of the book series thought they would actually read the completed book series. However that hope slowly dwindled day by day, week by week, month by month. With very little to show for the time spent writing, it looked like books were taking a back seat to the show [link to last weeks TWIN].

Author George R.R. Martin, however, has recently announced that he is determined to finish the next installment, The Winds of Winter, by 2016. He also teased fans with a new plot twist that won’t be seen in the show. Martin told fans:

This is going to drive your readers crazy, but I love it. I’m still weighing whether to go that direction or not. It’s a great twist. It’s easy to do things that are shocking or unexpected, but they have to grow out of characters. They have to grow out of situations. Otherwise, it’s just being shocking for being shocking. But this is something that seems very organic and natural, and I could see how it would happen. And with the various three, four characters involved… it all makes sense. But it’s nothing I’ve ever thought of before. And it’s nothing they can do in the show, because the show has already—on this particular character—made a couple decisions that will preclude it, where in my case I have not made those decisions.

Intriguing, to say the least. To tide fans over for now, he also released a new excerpt from the upcoming novel.

The Worst News of the Week

Paramount is gearing up for a “Transformers Cinematic Universe.”


That is all I have to say about that.

Shameless Plugs

Yes, we have some updates for you as well.

On YouTube this week, we attempted to take on some idiot with a frying pan on his head, continued our playthrough of Metroid Prime, and enjoyed our Easter weekend with our families, so no weekend video. We have some crazy things coming next week though, so prepare yourselves!

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