Mothers have an interesting relationship with video games. They are either yelling at their children to stop playing them, or they are being courted by twelve-year-olds on Call of Duty online multiplayer. They seem to somehow miss that video games are a legitimate form of art and entertainment. How could this be? Video games are great…are they seeing something different than us?

In a special Mother’s Day Nerd Talk, we¬†take a look at a whole bunch of video games that could be great introductions to the many different types of video games. Puzzles, platformers, and RPG’s are great games that could be stepping stones to understand the medium, so we break down the best ways to bring newcomers into those genres.

And there some games that you should steer clear of if you want to do some convincing…we make sure to discuss that as well.

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day from Nerdy, Inc!

Alex Russo

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