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Let’s not beat around the bush, comics are getting expensive. With so many new issues, epic sagas, and never-ending disasters, my wallet can only take so much. Cover Price is a weekly comic review with the set budget of $15. I mostly pick my choices based on cover, price, and hype. Which company suckered me into buying their issues this week? Were the issues I picked up worth the $15 cut? Were the issues you picked up worth your money?

8/19/15 C.C.P. Reviews:

Archie #2 – $3.99

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4 – $3.99

Justice League #43 – $3.99

Archie #2

Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Fiona Staples


The Archie reboot is what a reboot should be. Mark Waid and Fiona Staples deserve to be commended for their fantastic effort. Archie #2 continues to modernize and update the Archie characters. Archie is still dealing with his break-up with Betty and to keep his mind off his relationship troubles, he begins looking for a part-time job. You won’t have to feel bad for Archie though, because a new girl may be moving into town very soon. Reading this comic is such a refreshing difference from all the action-packed, serious, and world-ending comics hitting the stands. Reading Archie is like being in high school. There’s something really special about this comic’s ability to relate to the innocence of youth. I personally feel connected to Archie, a teenager just trying to make an extra buck, or Jughead, a true friend just trying to find his way in an ever-changing world. This comic really feels like a classic family sitcom because Archie will break the fourth wall and speak to the reader. It’s not distracting at all and fits the theme of the comic nicely. Of course this reboot is only as successful as it is because of Fiona Staples’s beautiful and bright art. There is so much emotion drawn into these pages. You’d have to try really hard to be upset when reading this comic. Archie #2 is the perfect example of how comics can be so much more than just superheroes. It’s a buy for sure, as I’m quickly becoming an Archie fan.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4

Writer: Dan Slott | Artist: Adam Kubert


The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows continues to be a really enjoyable Spider-Man read. While the previous issues focused on Peter Parker: Family Man, this issue focuses on Annie May Parker. While many initial readers were disappointed that Peter and Mary’s daughter was not the famous May “Mayday” Parker, I feel like Annie is a welcomed addition to the Parker family. Besides Annie’s hair, there’s not much really separating her from Mayday. But regardless, it’s fun to see Annie creatively make use of her powers. The sub-plot of this issue follows the same sub-plot of all the other Secret Wars tie-ins: overthrowing Doom. It’s a shame that every area in Battleworld wants to overthrow and kill Doom, but I guess that’s what happens when people are given a position of power. I do like how this issue does seem to be self-contained, as Peter states he doesn’t even know Doom is God. Dan Slott’s choice to keep this series as self-contained as possible is smart and makes this series more approachable to new readers. As Renew Your Vows moves toward its conclusion, I recommend picking up this comic. Let’s enjoy Peter’s married life a little more before it has to leave us all once again.

Justice League #43

Writer: Geoff Johns | Artist: Jason Fabok


Justice League #43 continues the epic Darkseid War, which truly feels like DC Comics’s big summer crossover event. Thankfully, the story has been contained to only the Justice League series, which makes it easy on every reader’s wallet. The Darkseid War is action-packed summer blockbuster B-movie fun. The action and pace of the story is intense and nonstop. The Anti-Monitor and Darkseid are about to wage all-out war on Earth, and the Justice League is caught right in the middle. My favorite part of this series is how the Justice League’s two strongest members are handled. Superman is off-planet (big surprise there) and Batman has become a god and is too full of himself to really do anything productive. Jason Fabok’s art is intense and able to keep up well with this action of this isGeneralsue. Much like David Finch, Jason Fabok’s art is more grounded and heavily detailed. The 2-page spreads of battlefields are quite a joy to look at as every character is drawn bold and powerful. If you’re looking for action from this week’s comics, look no further than Justice League. DC Comics has crafted a solid buy comic this week.

Panel of the Week:


Wait, I thought the “S” stood for “Hope.” Someone better tell Zack Snyder.

There are many more books released by DC and Marvel this week. I wish I could read them all but my wallet can only take so much. What did you read this week? Which issues would you put on your $15 budget this week? Remember to read and buy what you want and support your favorite writers and artists!

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