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Loot Crate, Nerd Block (and it’s other iterations), and so many others have started this “mystery-subscription unboxing” craze.  The Marvel Collector Corps have sought to tap this market by providing exactly what every Marvel fan wants: all Marvel exclusive items.  How does the first package stack up?  Let’s unbox the mysteries together!

The Package Arrives and it’s huge!

2Right off the bat we get two items, a patch and a pin.
3 4 5 6Continuing with the unboxing, we reveal the other hidden goodies.
7When Marvel and Funko started this service, they announced an exclusive Funko Hulk-Buster. This was the main reason I (and many other fans) subscribed…and this thing is amazing!  Just look at the size and detail!
8 9 10 11The other teased exclusive vinyl figure is a Dorbz Ultron. Very cute, but pretty small compared to regular Funko figures.  An odd choice to have Ultron, too, because he looks so innocent.
12The shirt comes in 4 different designs. I got Thor, so I’m assuming that the other options were Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man.
13Finally, the last item is the exclusive variant to Guardians Team Up #1 by Art Adams. This cover is great, but this comic had NO BAG OR BOARD!  What the heck, Marvel?  You’re a comic book company, I expected a bag and board from you!  Luckily my comic came in a very fine-to-near mint condition, but I can definitely foresee problems.
14Lastly, I just want to point out the beautiful design of the box. It’s covered with comic book panels, which makes me want to keep the box as a storage unit.

So was the Marvel Collectors Corp worth the large amount of money?  The Marvel Collectors Corp sells for $25 and, with shipping, cost me $35.  The box is advertised to have $50 worth of merchandise.  Using list prices for these items, let’s see the value of this box:

  • Ultron Patch – $4.50 (average price of Marvel patches of similar size)
  • Captain America Pin – $3.99 (average price for Marvel pins of similar size)
  • Guardians Team-Up 1 – $3.99
  • FUNKO Hulk-Buster – $19.99
  • Dorbz Ultron -$8.95
  • Avengers shirt – $14.99 (an average between a $10-$20 shirt)

The overall value comes to $56.90 by my estimates.  Comics of similar nature can sometimes go for up to $10, so this value could increase depending on the printing of this issue.  I wouldn’t expect the value to go anywhere above $10.  The Marvel Collectors Corp is definitely worth the value for the FUNKO Hulk-Buster.  While I enjoyed every item, the Hulk-Buster definitely set high expectations.  Only the future will tell if Marvel and Funko can continue to pump out great merchandise…but I think all future boxes will have very similar items.  Don’t expect a whole lot of variation.
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