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We’ve reviewed the Marvel Collector Corps before and had a great time with the first box. The Ant-Man box didn’t excite us that much, but when we heard that the August box was Secret Wars themed, we just had to get the box. Secret Wars has been (as we’ve mentioned before) one of the most refreshing Marvel comic events in a long time. Right off the bat, I’d like to go on record saying this is the greatest mystery subscription box I’ve ever received in the mail. Lootcrate, Nerd Block, Comic-Con box, and so many others now have to meet the standards that the Marvel Collectors Corps has set. Without further ado, SPOILERS, and let’s unbox the mysteries of Secret Wars together!

1. The package arrives and we’re loving the Jane Foster, or as we have dubbed her, Jane FosThor packaging. It’s no secret that Nerdy Inc. loves her! Also the layout of this box is awesome, as it’s covered with scenes drawn by Esad Ribic (the artist of Secret Wars).





2. As is customary with the Collector Corps, we get the usual patch and a pin. I like how the patch is Captain Falcon (not this one) and the pin is Superior Iron Man. It shows this box has a little of everything.




3. Then we get right into the shirt and, yes, this shirt is fantastic. Starting with Ant-Man, Collector Corps has moved to offering more Funko products. This comes with pros and cons, and this Funko shirt is definitely a pro. Just look at that design! Talk about modern fan-favorite characters. Miles, Falcon, Iron-Man, and Thor are all present in dynamic poses of AWESOME. This shirt is A+++++ for fans of the new modern iterations of the characters.



4. This, however, is more of the con side of Funko products. A variant issue is always cool, but a Funko variant isn’t too appealing to me. With the Avengers and Ant-Man box, the issues had variant cover art. I would like variant art more than just a cover with a Funko Pop Figure on it. Even if this issue has Thor on the cover, a Thor drawn by Russell Dauterman would be much better. I know Funko fans will love this variant, so it’s more of a personal gripe. The good news about this comic is that this issue is proof Marvel Collector Corps has been listening to their fans. Fans wanted #1 issues after the Ant-Man box, so this month’s issue is Secret Wars #1. And this comic is bagged and boarded! Fantastic job Collector Corps!


5. Finally we get to the last two exclusive items and they’re everything we’ve ever dreamed of from a Secret Wars box. If the box was just these two items, it’d still be a perfect box. The TWO (not one, but two) Funko Pops are our favorite Thor and lovable Miles Morales! Both are brand new castings, too!




6. The level of detail in the Thor pop is astonishing. The silver paint has a clean metallic look and the brown painted fabric looks very authentic. Miles is the typical Spider-man design, so it’s not that hard to mess up. The web lines come out clean and both of these Pops are just perfect.





7. Comparing the FosThor to the Thor pop, you can see her stance is completely different and she presents much cleaner. This is really just showing how much Funko Pops have improved over the years.


8. Lastly, I just want to point out that the Miles Morales pop is to scale with the Peter Parker Spider-Man pop. While in similar casting to the Amazing Spider-Man Funko Pop, the Miles Morales one is smaller and thinner. It’s a great detail for people who like to display their Pops outside of their boxes.


If you couldn’t tell by now, this month’s Marvel Collectors Corp was extremely impressive. From the exclusives to the shirts, everything was enjoyable and exciting to receive. But just looking at the content, was the box worth the large amount of money? The Marvel Collectors Corp is retail of $25, and with shipping cost me $35. The box is advertised to have $50 worth of merchandise. Using list prices for these items, let’s see the value of this box:

  • Captain America Patch $4.50 (average price of Marvel patches of similar size)
  • Superior Iron Man Pin – $3.99 (average price for Marvel pins of similar size)
  • Secret Wars Funko Variant – $4.99
  • FUNKO Thor – $10.99
  • FUNKO Spider-man -$10.99
  • FUNKO Secret Wars shirt – $24.50 (an average FUNKO brand shirt)


Overall the value comes to $59.96 by my estimates. Comics of past Collector Corps usually go for $15-20, so this value could increase depending on the printing of this issue. Since Secret Wars has so many variants and has had such a large printing, don’t expect the value of the comic to go up past $15.

All in all, the Marvel Collectors Corp have outdone themselves. They’ve raised the standard for subscription box services. Not only have they proved they listen to their consumers, but they’re constantly looking to give the fans what they want. If you’re looking for a subscription service with exclusive Funko items, look no further than the Marvel Collectors Corp.

Derek is comic book fan like none other. You can follow him on Twitter.

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