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Rogue One, Standing By

In a move that surprised no one, Disney announced two more Star Wars and their release dates. The first film, Rogue One, will star Felicity Jones (Like Crazy, The Theory of Everything) and will be directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla). The movie is set to be released on December 16, 2016.

But wait, there’s more! Star Wars Episode VIII was also announced, with Rian Johnson (Looper, the best episode of Breaking Bad) set to write and direct. This film is set for release on May 26, 2017. This is an interesting date, as it is only a few weeks after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 premieres, meaning that Disney will be losing ticket sales on one of its film to another.

Justice is Blind

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped another trailer for Daredevil, their new exclusive series that debuts on April 10th. The trailer promises to take us to a dark and gritty corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe…something we have yet to really see so far in a lineup that is otherwise safe for youngsters. While a departure from other films and TV shows, its connection to the MCU will be a helping hand in delivering it the viewership it deserves. It’s no secret that Daredevil is Marvel’s coolest and most amazingly awesome superhero [/bias], but many fans still retain the “Ben-Affleck-in-Shiny-Red-Leather” image in their heads. Luckily, Netflix wants to show you a different side to the hero.

Still no sighting of the red costume, though.

A Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe, I guess…

A few weeks ago, we heard news about an all-female led Ghostbusters film that would act as a soft reboot for the franchise. We thought this was a pretty good idea, as it would be a pretty fresh take on the concept with some great actresses. Apparently, we are also getting another all-male film as well, released fairly concurrently with the other film in an attempt to create some sort of universe, because it seems that people will only do something if Marvel proves it is a good idea.

Like hiring the Russo brothers! Yeah, after coming off of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, other studios are now realizing that comedy directors are real things and have been giving the Russo brothers their choice of projects.

Oh, and Channing Tatum is in it.

The Old 52

DC Comics is rebranding itself yet again, as The New 52 is going to be abandoned after the Convergence event comes to a close. DC Comics will be branded as just DC Comics. So how will things be different.

DC’s current model relies heavily on cross-book continuity and storytelling. The abandonment of The New 52, along with the introduction of over two dozen new titles, implies that DC is looking to focus on stories within the titles, and not have large, overarching events as the norm.

Frankly, this may be a smart move for DC, as it will allow some for some unique and creative individual titles. It’s no secret that DC’s continuity is shaky at points, so allowing for titles to exist unto themselves might be what the books need to really flourish.

GTA V Heists is Finally Released

Rockstar finally released their much anticipated and delayed multiplayer update to Grand Theft Auto V. Although it sounds like there are quite a bit of problems with the launch (which, as we’ve seen, is an increasing trend). Then again, you could have just been playing Payday 2 this entire time.

Rockband 4 Announced

Dust off those plastic instruments and start warming up your vocal chords: Rockband 4 has been officially announced by Harmonix and before you ask, yeah, you can transfer most of your old DLC. Sort of. Of course, you could take the time to learn a real instrument and keep all the songs you learn forever. They’re promising that they won’t be adding any new features to their lineup (as well as ditching the piano), so here’s hoping they succeed in implementing backwards compatible instruments.

Small Pax

Yeah, we didn’t go to PAX East. There is a lot of great stuff out there about some of the announcements, gameplay footage, etc. We’ll let the people who were there talk about.

Shameless Plugs

Yes, we have some updates for you as well.

On YouTube this week, we stressed out in our first High Blood Pressure Gaming video,  continued our playthrough of Metroid Prime, and broke down some of the best and worst sequels.


Thanks for checking out T.W.I.N. If you’ve enjoyed, let us know! Stay nerdy, my friends.

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