Who knew a movie about a farting corpse could end up being one of the best films of the summer? Turns out all you need is three Daniels and a Paul.


Why? Why why why why why? Why is Daniel Radcliffe playing a farting corpse?

“Why?” is the question this movie challenges. People fart…why hide it? Everybody poops. Why be embarrassed by it? Everybody loves…why be ashamed of it? Things are weird only because we say they’re weird. If we own ourselves, then everyone will just be…happier.

Swiss Army Man does play a dangerous game with its subject matter. One too many fart or dick jokes and the movie becomes too sophomoric. One too few jokes and the film risks looking like it has its head up its ass. Luckily, the superb writing and directing of the Daniels (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) hits that perfect humor sweet spot. Likewise, Radcliffe and Dano have excellent chemistry and a full commitment to the part. The two bounce jokes off each other so naturally that you will be absolutely glued to the screen.

And this movie, more than any movie I’ve seen in theaters recently, had the audience in riotous laughter the entire time. From well-timed fart jokes to deft pop culture references, the film nails it’s comedy. That’s not to say, of course, that the film doesn’t have heart. It’s got a ton of heart in the most surprising ways, and it’ll eventually keep you guessing towards the end of the film.

This movie is weird. And that’s great because movies can be weird. Movies are allowed to be weird. If movies weren’t weird than you would just be watching…life. That’s the beauty of films like this. You can have a movie just say “Here’s a thing” and there is no reason why it can’t exist. And that’s very in theme with the movie. You’ll then ask “Why can’t this things like this exist, why can’t do things like this?”

The trailer did seem to hint at the ambiguity surrounding Manny’s existence. Is he for real, or is Hank going crazy from starvation? The ambiguity is maintained throughout the film, which is great. You may ask yourself why one would believe that it’s real. Why would there be a farting talking corpse? Why would a man befriend such a strange…thing? Why would any of this be allowed to happen? Swiss Army Man dares to be different, and if people ask “Why?” the film just says back “Why not?”

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