We’ll get out of your way so you can enjoy the new Spectre trailer:

Spectre, the fourth James Bond movie to feature Daniel Craig, will have Bond uncovering the “terrible truth” behind the secret organization SPECTRE, who has been sending him cryptic messages. Sounds like a typical day for 007.

The trailer offers some interesting bits of information, namely a sharp set of wheels, a plane chase-sequence, and lots of shadowy meetings. We also get our first look at Colonel Hans Landa Christoph Waltz as the movie’s presumed villain, Franz Oberhauser.

Spectre looks like it’s going to blend the goofier action sequences of some of the earlier films with the grittiness Martin Campbell brought to the screen when he kicked off this series of films with Casino Royale. We’re not sure if that’s good or bad, but we’ll find out when the film releases on November 6th.

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