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Let’s not beat around the bush, comics are getting expensive. With so many new issues, epic sagas, and never-ending disasters, my wallet can only take so much. Cover Price is a weekly comic review with the set budget of $15(ish). I mostly pick my choices based on cover, price, and hype. Which company suckered me into buying their issues this week? Were the issues I picked up worth the $15(ish) cut? Were the issues you picked up worth your money?

5/6/15 C.C.P. Reviews:

Secret Wars #1 – $4.99

Wonder Woman ’77 Special #1 – $7.99

The Amazing Spider-Man #18 – $3.99

Secret Wars #1

Writer: Jonathan Hickman | Artist: Esad Ribic


Well, here it is…the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Secret Wars has begun and it’s all or nothing at this point. Giant summer events have been a mainstay of comics for years, and they usually have interesting premises. The problems arise when the we realize that they can’t shake things up too much…there are still ongoing comics and new books starting in the fall, so we know feathers will only be rustled for a few weeks before everything settles down. That’s the beauty of this event…we have no idea what is going on and where this will lead. Reading this book, I felt the stakes like I’ve never felt them before. Part of the appeal of this event is the promise of a larger-than-life event. No writer is better equipped to deliver that than Hickman, whose practiced hand at complex interweaving stories is put to great use. This book is intense, full of action, and has an overwhelming sense of defeat (in the best way possible). These characters are failing to save their homes, fighting one another, and their efforts to escape are being rendered futile. As a reader, you’ll want to jump in and assure them that things will be okay…but again, even we don’t know where this is going, so are we even qualified to make those assurances? It’s a unique feeling, delivered both through the writing and the art. Each panel is rich and full of life, making the story seem that much more grandiose. Even if you aren’t quite sure of which universe the spotlighted character is from, it’s not hard to catch on. This is the series that everyone is going to be talking about for next several weeks…you better grab it and get on board!

Wonder Woman ’77 Special #1

Writer: Marc Andreyko | Artists: Drew Johnson, Matt Haley, Richard Ortiz


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for the seventies. The music, the politics, the clothes…they had a lot of things figured out back then. So of course I had to spring for the Wonder Woman throwback. Much like Batman ’66, this book harks back to the Lynda Carter-as-Diane Price era mythology, giving us a fun story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. While the Cold War paranoia is clearly indicative of the time period in which this book is set, make no mistake…the artwork is the selling point. Each panel is smooth and crystal clear, with enough seventies in it to stir up some nostalgia, without going too over-the-top tacky. With a reasonable price and a low commitment to story, this book is a solid buy for anyone who had a deep-seated love for a retro age.

The Amazing Spider-Man #18

Writer: Dan Slott, Christos Gage | Artist: Humberto Ramos


A few weeks ago, we mentioned how Miles Morales had his storyline meet a swift end to make room for Secret Wars. Well, here we are today, and you can see pretty much the same thing going for Peter Parker. It seems like only yesterday Peter reclaimed him place in the Marvel Universe. Sadly, the sudden instability of it all comes front and center in this book. There is a lot going on here…between Parker Industries, Black Cat, and Ghost, it’s clear Spider-Man has a lot to take care of before the focus gets shifted to the upcoming events. It’s obviously not goodbye for Peter Parker at all, but it’s pretty clear that a lot had to be done with this issue to tie up the loose ends. Given how little time Peter has been back, we do sort of regret not having more time to explore this story. Then again, this is Spider-Man, so maybe that is the ultimate irony here? Anyway, unless you’re really invested in Spider-Man at this point, I’d say hold off until things get a fresh start.

Panel(s) of the Week:


Say your goodbyes before you miss the chance, folks.

There are many, many more books released by DC and Marvel this week. I wish I could read them all but my wallet can only take so much. What did you read this week? Which issues would you put on your $15(ish) budget this week? Remember to read and buy what you want and support your favorite writers and artists!

Derek was killed when the Ultimate Universe collided with Earth-616. He’ll be back next week, though.

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