After raising a whole bunch of questions last week, The Walking Dead delivered us all the answers and more. Just kidding.

We Interrupt This Broadcast…

After raising a whole bunch of questions last week, The Walking Dead delivered us all the answers and more. Just kidding, they actually didn’t do any of that. We got a flashback episode for Morgan, thereby keeping us on the hook for another week.

So in this episode we got an origin story for the Morgan we see today. We found out that he was a murderous sociopath who killed anyone, human or zombie, with no remorse. He would then use their blood to write “Clear” on the trees and rocks, because I guess Morgan doesn’t know that zombies can walk.

The meat of the episode, however, was when Morgan was a “prisoner” of Eastman. The door is never locked, so it was an interesting take the notion of guilt and the mindset of a man with a ultimately guilty conscience.

In fact, this episode had a ton of interesting ideas floating around. From guilt to Aikido’s motto to the background of both of these characters, this episode was chock full of interesting ideas.

The problem I have with it, however, is that none of these ideas feel earned. This was an origin story that no one was really asking for…save for a few specifics, we all could have come up with a decent backstory for Morgan ourselves, at least for the time being. He was at a low point, nearing his own demise, and a wise stranger taught him the value of life and how not to make goat cheese. Pretty by the book stuff, right?

The bigger problem, too, was the timing of it all. As I was watching I couldn’t help but notice just how transparent this episode was. It’s filler…a way to kill a week without advancing the main story. After episode two of this season, I made an assumption that the zombie-horde plot-line would be a trilogy of sorts. After all, it was following a three-act structure pretty well. But with each passing week I’m realizing that the showrunners are going to attempt to stretch this thing out for, probably, the entire first half of the season.

And that’s really disappointing, because that means we probably won’t get a whole lot of closure on anything for a few more weeks. In between the horde’s resolution, Glenn’s maybe death, and the settling of conflicts at large, it looks like we are going to be getting a lot of filler. Maybe it’ll be really good, emotion-driven, chock full-o-good ideas filler like this episode, but filler all the same.

All in all, this episode was a nicely done, thoughtfully crafted, well acted distraction. It was a good episode, but it just didn’t feel like this was the time to see it. There was nothing Earth-shattering that warranted the interruption, but it wasn’t a bad episode of television either.

Odds and ends.

  • Nothing made me appreciate not being in the apocalypse more than knowing I have a solid chunk of goat cheese in my fridge.
  • Like I said, that Aikido book was a great reflection of the mindsets of the characters on the show. Keep making excuses, Rick.
  • The stick battles are pretty cool, not gonna lie.
  • Eastman’s (former) career was an cool one, and it served the episode well. A little too…on the nose, but effective all the same.

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