The Force Awakens

We have a hard time believing that you have stumbled upon this post without seeing the new teaser trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” After all, if the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 3720 to 1, what must be the odds of you running into this post without seeing the trailer. Did you even get that reference?

Anyway, here is the trailer for those of you who want to just watch it again:

The reaction to this video has been crazy. People have cheered. Crazy frame-by-frame analysis has occurred. Even Matthew McConaughey had a thing or two to say about it.

Frankly, it’s just plain awesome. We mentioned before that we think the film is in good hands with JJ Abrams, and if this trailer is any indication of the quality of the final product, then things will be alright in a galaxy far, far away.

But this wasn’t the only big Star Wars reveal from this week…

DICE Said What They Thought People Wanted to Hear. They Were Wrong.

“Star Wars Battlefront II” was beloved by many. We even use it for the gameplay footage on our YouTube channel now and again. It was a great game with lots of different levels and gameplay options…it just hasn’t aged particularly gracefully. So when DICE and EA announced that they were giving us another installment in the franchise nearly a year ago, we lost our collective minds with excitement.

Then there was the panel. Our hopes of seeing all the different planets and battles in gameplay were quickly dashed, when the only footage was this (admittedly very cool) trailer:

Wait, so no space battles? And there are only four planets in the whole game? Oh, the fifth and final planet is coming in a DLC package a month later? Oh, and there is no single player campaign?

While we aren’t immediately relegating this game to the trash compactor, we are, admittedly, cautious. Let’s be real, we are still going to buy it, but our hopes for having a bigger, better, more beautiful “Battlefront II” are shaken.

At least we can always rely on Marvel to cheer us up.

“Ant-Man” Gets a New Trailer

For a film starring Paul Rudd and directed by Peyton Reed, the initial teaser from a few months ago was a bit somber. So we were pretty happy when the new trailer dropped this week, giving us a look at some great visuals, a little backstory, and of course, some jokes.

We’ll hold back any “hype train” jokes we may have.

Oh, and We Got a “Batman v. Superman” Teaser

If “Ant-Man” was promising us a fun action movie laden with bright visuals and trademark humor, “Batman v. Superman” was promising us literally the opposite.

Let us clarify, too, that that is not a criticism of the movie. After all, it’s Zack Snyder. What do you expect? The trailer gives us our first look at Batman, who actually looks kind of cool when he is not in that strange mech-suit. It also seems to be taking to heart the destruction from “Man of Steel,” which is certainly needed.

But above all else, it assures us that the “v” really does stand for “versus.” Hearing Batman ask Superman if he bleeds and assuring him that he will…well…that’s how to start a league of justice, my friends.

We must say, despite what I thought was a shaky foundational installment to the franchise, we are at least curious about how this will play out.

Still? Another trailer?

Yeah, we also got a trailer for “Terminator: Genisys”. With the announcement of a Clinton and potentially a Bush running for president, we’d forgive you if you thought we were reliving the early 90’s. For a trailer that looks like it gives a whole lot away, we still have no idea what’s going on. Is this a reboot? A sequel? A mid-quel? Did they retcon the third movie (or the second??). If you have some sort of clue, check out the trailer and let us know. Your guess is as good as ours.

“Guitar Hero” is Apparently Still a Thing

Activision just couldn’t let Harmonix stand in the spotlight alone. On the tail of a “Rockband 4” announcement, Guitar Hero has thrown their guitar pick back into the ring with the announcement of “Guitar Hero Live.” This rhythm based/stage fright simulator promises to have a live audience react to your shredding skills (or lack thereof) in real time, so you can experience the public shame of failure from the comfort of your living room. Of course, they redesigned the guitar, so your old Guitar Hero controllers won’t work. Start coaxing your wallet to come out of hiding.

The trailer looks to be what the game will actually be like, right down to the pre-show band ritual, which we are sincerely hoping you can skip. The setlist is also promising hip-hop and indie artists, which is what we thought “DJ Hero” was for, but we’re not the experts.

Shameless Plugs

Yes, we have some updates for you as well.

On YouTube this week, we reminded you of what vampires were like before “Twilight” made them all sparkly, continued our playthrough of Metroid Prime, and broke down Marvel Netflix’s “Daredevil.”

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