In case you somehow missed it, Disney released the third, and probably final, trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At the same time, pre-sale tickets became available, resulting in dozens of site crashes and sellouts.

The trailer itself, shown during Monday night football, yielded a spike in viewership, as well as several million trailer hits and thousands of reaction videos being uploaded to YouTube.

Shortly thereafter, news outlets began reporting on the record breaking statistics and began to draw conclusions on the film’s future performance. After that, blogs across the web began analyzing the behavior of Star Wars fans, attempting to make bold, sweeping declarations about humanity. Unfortunately, most of them missed the mark. Here is what the trailer really means about our culture…

It means that we like Star Wars. That’s it. No, we are not pawns in a corporate game of profit chess. No, we are not adults in a state of arrested development searching for a missing piece of our childhood. No, we are the brainwashed sheep of Lucasfilms who will arrive in droves at the sound of a lightsaber.

We’re just people who like good movies and are excited to see a good movie. Yes, like most fans, I grew up with Star Wars and I’ve watched this trailer north of a dozen times. That doesn’t mean that my father never loved me or that J.J. Abrams is tricking me into giving him my money. I just want to see a good Star Wars movie and this looks good.

Oh, and another thing: we are better off now than we were in 1999. Now we aren’t naive enough to think that all Star Wars films will be good. We’ve been shown great films and we’ve been shown disappointing films, so Star Wars fans are optimistic, but critical.

So before you, the omniscient journalist attempting to prove he’s “above it all” and has “cracked the code” on the new film, type out your piece that paints every single Star Wars fan one way or another, know this: We’re not stupid. We’re not being tricked. We’re not sad. We’re just looking forward to seeing a new Star Wars film.

Is that really so bad?

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